25 underground passages in Moscow will be equipped with surveillance cameras

© RIA Novosti / Eugene Betoniera video. Archival photo25 underground passages in Moscow will be equipped with surveillance cameras© RIA Novosti / Eugene biyatov

CCTV camera c clear color and a backlight set 25 underground crosswalks in Moscow until June 2018, according to the official website of the mayor and government capital.

«Until June 2018 25 underground pedestrian crossings of the capital will be equipped with surveillance cameras. The recording device will be installed in underpasses not connected with metro stations and under the responsibility of the GBU «Gormost», — stated in the message.

It is noted that more than 250 modern vandal resistant cameras will be installed in tunnels, underground passages and on stair descent. Thus, the cameras will cover all areas of navigation and surveillance systems will not remain so-called «blind areas».

«Surveillance cameras with high resolution backlit… the Video from these cameras allows to determine the height, color of hair and clothes caught in its field of view at any time of the day,» — said the press service of the Department of housing and communal services of the city.

As explained in Department, the number of cameras in one underground passage will depend on its length and the number of stair runs. If the length of the transition is from 31 up to 60 meters, it set the 10 cameras and the transitions in length from 61 to 100 meters — 12. The longest underground passages, from 150 to 200 meters, equipped with 16 cameras.