Moskalkova: three people, is on the list of mass media, was killed in Chechnya

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Three people from the list of persons published in «Novaya Gazeta», was killed during clashes in December last year in Chechnya, told journalists at a press conference, the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova.

In the beginning of April, «Novaya Gazeta» has published an article which said about the mass detention in Chechnya residents based on sexual orientation. Press Secretary of the head of Chechnya, Alvi Karimov denied this information, but the press Secretary head of state Dmitry Peskov said that there is no reason not to trust the information about the absence of persecution of homosexuals presented by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, President Vladimir Putin. Moskalkova said that he had received from the publication of the names of people who allegedly were subjected to repression, sent a letter to the head of SK. The Ombudsman asked the SC to clarify information about 24 people in the list of Newspapers, which were given only last names and initials.

In July «the New newspaper» reported that gave the investigation a list with the names of more than 20 residents of Chechnya detained since the end of December 2016, according to the newspaper, killed in January. According to the publication, people were arrested during several security operations in Chechnya after the crime, 17 Dec 2016, when a group of armed men committed an armed assault on a police officer and seized his car, and then entered the house of another police officer.

«Three people from this list were killed during the clash in December of last year in Grozny,» — said Moskalkova. According to her, they were wounded and taken to hospital.

«We checked, there is a conclusion it is judicial-medical examination, they died in hospital,» — said Moskalkova. She also reported that three people from the list are alive, with two they managed to meet in Grozny, the third lives in Moscow. Two more died a natural death.

«Just a list of 31 people. These data were obtained from different sources. We have each name is the official explanation for the authorities. We have procedural documents, which can work and control,» — said Moskalkova. According to her, all persons prosecuted. Moskalkova said that the date of initiation of criminal cases is may and June 2017, i.e. until the publication of the list of dead and missing.

«This volume of criminal cases in which collected testimony, surveys, tremendous work has been done on these cases,» said the Ombudsman. According to her, some of the defendants in these cases, the courts elected a measure of restraint in form of arrest.

«We have had copies of criminal cases. There is a resolution on the announcement in Federal and international search of persons involved in these cases about the involvement of a number of these citizens to criminal responsibility,» — said Moskalkova. She said she intends «to find out the fate of each person» mentioned in this list.