Putin told when artificial intelligence will eat the human

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a visit to the Moscow office of the Russian it-company Yandex. 21 September 2017Putin told when artificial intelligence will eat the human© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

Artificial intelligence is unlikely to ever completely replace the human, but in the coming years, machine intelligence will spread to virtually all the objects that surround us, told Vladimir Putin, the employees of the company «Yandex» in the office on Thursday came to the head of the state.

The President was concerned with the question of when artificial intelligence will eat the human.

«Hopefully never,» replied the General Director of group of companies «Yandex» Arkady Volozh.

However, he predicted that in the near future «artificial intelligence is everywhere, in everything that surrounds us, but it will be a little bit, and we’re not going to notice».

Speaking about the next industrial revolution, which, according to forecasts of «Yandex» will be in 20-e years of the 21st century, the head of the company noted that Russia, of course, will actively participate in this process.

«The centers of the next industrial revolution will be in Seattle, Silicon valley, perhaps in China and South Korea, and certainly — we, we can do everything in this area. I hope that we as a country and as a company we are ahead,» — said Volozh during the tour of the President’s office of «Yandex».

The President also talked about the educational project of Yandex — «Yandex.Lyceum», which provides for the training of programmers within the school of education, and then opens up opportunities for learning at the level of bachelors and masters.

Introduced Putin with the project «Yandex. Health.» It is a mobile platform for online consultations with doctors. As told the founders of the project, the service allows you to receive medical advice 24 hours a day on any issue. They can use and people who have trouble hearing or voice.

The service developers expect that after processing sufficient amount of data this app will simplify the routine work and the doctors themselves, as a separate treatment stages can replace artificial intelligence.

The President’s visit to Moscow office of «Yandex» is timed to the anniversary of the company. Exactly 20 years ago was presented to the search engine Yandex.ru. The company’s services are used by about 93% of the audience of Russian big cities.