SKOLKOVO has developed a method of identifying a rare type of cancer

© RIA Novosti / Michael Bureauracy in fotoreceptori. Archival photoSKOLKOVO has developed a method of identifying a rare type of cancer© RIA Novosti / Michael Bureauracy the image Bank

Resident «SKOLKOVO» the company «farm-Synthesis lab» has developed a peptide precursors — chemicals that are used to identify such rare cancers like neuroendocrine tumors (neo) and prostate cancer, according to a press release, «SKOLKOVO».

«Neuroendocrine tumors are diagnosed is difficult, as are slow growing and are located primarily in the stomach and intestines. Symptoms in patients with cancer is similar to diseases such as gastritis and colitis,» — said in a press release.

«Precursors along with positron emission tomography (PET) allow with high probability to find neo of the patient. Marked with a radioactive isotope Gallium-68, they are administered intravenously to the patient, who then scan the PET. Radioactive labels are localized where there is a tumor, and radiation indicators, the doctor can determine its location» — as stated in a press release.

The product «farm-Synthesis lab» is already being delivered in one of hospitals of St. Petersburg. In the next five years a resident of «SKOLKOVO» is going to take 10% of the international market of precursors for the detection of neo and prostate cancer. «Farm-Synthesis lab» talks with potential customers from India, Germany and Hungary.

Company «farm-Synthesis lab» is developing products for nuclear medicine, peptide synthesis and chemical-pharmaceutical technologies.