The Bank promised to exert maximum efforts for effective rehabilitation

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in fotomasterskie from one of the branches of the Bank in Moscow. Archival photoThe Bank promised to exert maximum efforts for effective rehabilitation© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

The whole team of the Bank will make maximum efforts for the effective implementation of measures for financial rehabilitation of the Bank, which will strengthen the Bank’s position, the treatment of the Chairman of the Board of the Bank Evgeny Davydovich.

The Bank of Russia on Thursday made the decision on the implementation of measures aimed at improving the financial stability of the Bank. In the framework of these measures is planned to be part of the regulator as the main investor using the Fund’s cash consolidation of the banking sector (VCBS). This is the second case of rehabilitation through a new mechanism — the first was «FC Opening» when the Central Bank at the end of August announced that it will invest in the Bank means FCBS and become its main shareholder.

On Wednesday, the Central Bank reported that the owner of the Bank was asked to consider the possibility of its rehabilitation through FCBS, and the decision on this matter will be made soon. Day the regulator said that lent money to the Bank for liquidity support.

«The whole team of the Bank and I personally will make every effort to financial rehabilitation of the Bank under the full control of the controller passed as efficiently as possible. We remain one of the largest banks in the country and the state support will allow to strengthen our position, improve the quality of products and services, and most importantly — to be a reliable Bank, in which each customer can be sure,» — said Davidovich.

«The Bank of Russia announced their agreement on the financial rehabilitation of the Bank. This means that from the CBRF to the Bank will be provided full support and management, and financial. And most importantly, our clients have no reason for concern, the Bank continues to operate as usual, to fulfill all its obligations, make payments, issue and accept deposits», — commented the Chairman of the Board.

The top Manager of the Bank also said that for the convenience of customers in the next few days the Russian offices of the Bank will work two hours longer. «We have extended the mode of operation specifically to each client, if desired, can come to the office, ask questions, make necessary operations,» said Davidovich, adding that thanks to the support of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation the Bank has sufficient funds to fulfill the obligations and that there is no need to withdraw deposits ahead of schedule.The Bank promised to exert maximum efforts for effective rehabilitationReviews of licenses of banks of Russia