The Ministry of Finance: the risk of fraud will not be forced to abandon the Euro Protocol

© Fotolia / даіка1967Бланк notice of the accident. Archival photoThe Ministry of Finance: the risk of fraud will not be forced to abandon the Euro Protocol© Fotolia / gaika1967

The growing risk of fraud due to the expansion of the scope of application in Russia of the europrotocol — not a reason to abandon the simplified registration of road accident, believes in charge of the Finance Ministry’s insurance market, Deputy Finance Minister of Russia Alexei Moiseev.

«Yes, fraud risks are rising with the adoption of this law, I’m not going to hide it, but in other ways we hope to remove these risks», — he said at the state Duma Committee on financial markets, which discussed a bill to expand the use of europrotocol when making an accident.

The Committee earlier on Thursday approved the bill, which, in particular, increases the limits on payments evroprotokol in regions with 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles, and in Moscow, the Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region — up to 500 thousand rubles, even without the consent of both participants of the accident, under the condition of fixing the accident of special means.

Moses recognized that risks of fraud will increase. However, according to him, the regulator and law enforcement agencies are taking a number of measures to address these frauds.

«In particular, the introduction of a repair, rather than the payment of money as the primary method of compensation, in my opinion, would greatly help this fraud be reduced,» he said.

«Of course, it is impossible to say that we, due to the fact that in some places we sometimes something happens, should not go on the path of progress and leave people waiting for hours out of the traffic police», — concluded the Deputy Minister.