The Patriarch urged to retire clergy, do not agree with his commandments

© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova in photobacteria CyrilThe Patriarch urged to retire clergy, do not agree with his commandments© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova the image Bank

Patriarch Kirill urged the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church to the strict execution of his order.

«If anyone still doubts (in that) what do I need to do all what the Patriarch teaches – leave all doubt! And strictly do what I command! Because I am not of his wisdom saying, and the wisdom of the whole episcopate of the Russian Orthodox Church! Another way for our Church today! If you don’t retire!» the Patriarch said after the Liturgy in the Dormition Cathedral of Novorossiysk.

The Patriarch also urged the clergy to pay special attention to work with youth to «go to school, need to develop the Church educational system», to make this system attractive and interesting to young people. To do this, priests must «learn to speak with them in another language.»

«All of that has not formally implemented, not by the order, and sincere desire, first and foremost, abbots and clergy. That’s when we will change a lot: not only in parish life and in the lives of our people. If the majority of Orthodox youth will take place in infancy and childhood, through our parishes, this will be good citizens of Russia — great family build and nurture the next generation in the spirit and power that brought our Lord» — says the head of the ROC.

In addition, Patriarch Kirill reminded the clergy about their social and pastoral responsibility to the people. Therefore, work is to be done with the laity, must act in Sunday school, carried «parish social work».

«And that would about cover it? Yes, the Abbot must know everyone in the parish who are in need! But how many among us elderly, especially women, who lived life hard, nothing in this life is almost not seen, often remaining alone in old age! Do we know all these modest ladies that are in our churches, not asking alms, but who so need our help!?» — asked the Patriarch.

Therefore, «every Dean should know all those in need» and to organize the provision of assistance to such people. «And a lot of money to be shared with those in need!», — added the Patriarch.

The Russian Orthodox Church has more than 35 thousand wards, making it the largest local Orthodox Church in the world. She has almost 400 bishops and almost 40 thousand priests and deacons.