The punishment for HIV dissidence are planning to introduce before the end of the year

© RIA Novosti / Eleanor Cernaianu with blood. Archival photoThe punishment for HIV dissidence are planning to introduce before the end of the year© RIA Novosti / Eleanor Black

The responsibility for the dissemination of the views of HIV dissidence in Russia it is planned to introduce this year, said senior researcher Federal scientific and methodological center for prevention and fight against AIDS FUUN TSNII of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Natalia Ladnaya.

On Thursday in Ekaterinburg is the Ural forum «On measures to prevent the spread of disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus and associated diseases HIV infection». Earlier it was reported that a bill according to which parents of children living with HIV will be obliged to send them for treatment, is being developed in the state Duma.

«We developed documents that will allow to punish for spreading AIDS dissident materials and General ideas. And there is also the increasing liability of parents for causing of harm to the child, because the man can answer himself for his own health but the health of children the state should provide,» said fine.

She added that the documents under consideration. Planned to take them this year, said the specialist.

«It (the problem with HIV-dissidents) acute. This is generally a problem which is common reason for the Russian Federation than other countries. Especially affected by this problem of the Ural Federal district, Sverdlovsk region, where there is active — the AIDS dissidence. Of course they’re an enormous harm and, in General, in a sense, commit a crime, because they are responsible for the deaths of other people,» said fine.

According to her, the HIV dissidents are usually themselves are HIV-positive. «They simply chose a way of adapting to disease – to deny it. They can’t accept their disease, believe that they have this disease and generally this disease does not exist. And while they feel good, they are not as acutely bad the situation is. But they convince other people in it. And every year we have celebrated the death, and a considerable number! – associated with AIDS dissidence. And among adults, and among children», — said the expert.

At the same time the chief narcologist of the Sverdlovsk area Oleg Zabrodin told reporters on Thursday that the HIV dissidence in the region – a single.

«We, unfortunately, cannot influence these individual cases – just as no influence on the mentally ill, who diets kill their children. It’s not totally, and it does not bother us, although each individual child, the victim in this situation is a tragedy for us,» said Zabrodin.

The punishment for HIV dissidence are planning to introduce before the end of the year© RIA Novosti, Integrationinto and treatment of AIDS