Venezuela has refused to withdraw from circulation the banknote of 100 bolívares

© 2017 AFP / Juan Barreto Venezuela. Archival photoVenezuela has refused to withdraw from circulation the banknote of 100 bolívares© 2017 AFP / Juan Barreto

The head of the Department of institutions of the banking sector of Venezuela Antonio Morales on Wednesday, in fact, disavowed the idea of withdrawal from circulation of banknotes in 100 bolivars.

Initially, this idea was voiced in December 2016 President Nicolas Maduro. The decision on the withdrawal of banknotes was motivated by the authorities ‘ opposition to the international financial mafia, which is allegedly on the orders of the United States Venezuelan deduced money from the country.

«This bill is needed in circulation, it will continue indefinitely,» said Morales radio Union. He also noted that work is underway on a new bill, which will appear in circulation at the end of December this year.

In December last year, Maduro announced the termination of treatment within 72 hours 100 bill bolivars, the value of which on the «black market» was then equal to just about 2.5 cents. But then, the circulation of banknotes has been extended for a total of nine times.

Central Bank of Venezuela introduced six new bills from 500 to 20 thousand bolivars.

Venezuelan authorities refuse to recognize the objective depreciation of the national currency, accusing it of right-wing forces allegedly attacking her with «metabolic mafia» at the behest of Washington and Miami.