Yamal will receive additional income 8.34 billion for the priority areas

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Authorities in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YANAO) will receive additional income of the Yamal budget in the amount of 8.34 billion rubles to increase the pay of state employees, moving people out of dilapidated housing and road construction, said on Thursday the regional government.

This decision was taken during the first post-recess sittings of the legislative Assembly of Yamal, which is attended by representatives of Yamal government and relevant departments.

«One of the most important was the financing of important areas of socio-economic development of the region additional revenues from Yamal Treasury. Decided that the additional revenues of the Yamal budget in the amount of 8.34 billion rubles will be allocated to priority areas. This increase of remuneration of state employees, the resettlement of dilapidated housing, road construction, provision of large families with housing, increase financial support for the maintenance of children in foster care and other social benefits to the population», — stated in the message.

The government notes that the additional resources received in connection with the increase in income tax, property tax and tax on profit of organizations operating on the territory of Yamal, as well as targeted revenues from the Federal budget.

The total revenues of the regional budget in 2017 will amount of 139.7 billion rubles, expenses – 151,79 billion, the projected deficit compared with the approved figure will not change and will remain at the level of 12.08 billion.

The targeted investment programme of the region increased by 2.8 billion rubles and reached 6.73 billion rubles. Additional funds will be allocated for completion of objects with a high degree of readiness, including kindergartens, schools, cultural and sport direction. Intergovernmental transfers to local budgets increased by nearly 5% and up 56,65 billion rubles, the report States.