In Komi evacuated employees of the two mines

© RIA Novosti / Vera Kotavehera at work. Archival photoIn Komi evacuated employees of the two mines© RIA Novosti / Faith Kostamo

All the workers of the mine «Vorkuta» and «polar» in the Komi Republic were evacuated because of the smoke, said the company «Vorkutaugol», part of the mining division of Severstal.

«At 11.45 22 September 2017 minor smoke in the area of the insulating jumper rail tunnel reservoir a fourth of the mine «Vorkuta». All workers evacuated, no injuries», — is spoken in the message.

At the moment of incident in mine there were 263 people Also brought to the surface workers of the mine «polar», which relates to «Vorkuta» single ventilation network.

Now mining is examined by rescuers.

«Open burning in the mine there. Electricity and ventilation work in a regular mode. Plant operations will resume after the issuance of a positive conclusion of experts of Ministry of emergency situations», — noted in the company

Earlier, a source in emergency services told RIA Novosti that from the mine «polar-2» brought about 180 miners after smoke in a tunnel at a depth of about 800 meters.