In new York after the incident during a speech Erdogan detained five people

Five protesters interrupted the speech by President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in new York, was detained, reports the New York Times.

Erdogan delivered a speech at the event the Turkish-American national Committee at the Marriott Marquis, when one of those present shouted: «You are a terrorist. Get out of my country!» Then began a scuffle, which captured camera located in the room.

The footage shows how the protesters who were beaten and pushed in the hall, outputs security. Security officers also removed at least one person who was attacking protesters.

According to one of the participants of the protest Megan Baudette, they wanted to «draw attention to the war crimes of the Turkish state and human rights violations against the Kurdish people» in Turkey and in Syria.

According to the police Department of new York, nobody was arrested and nobody was hurt.

This is not the first such incident during the visit of the Turkish President in the United States. In may, near the residence of the Turkish Ambassador to Washington, a clash occurred between the guards of Erdogan and the protesters. Located in the American capital, the Turkish leader, according to video from the scene of the incident, personally, watched as his guards beat demonstrators. The state Department has expressed Ankara protest, but she rejected the accusations and said that the incident occurred due to the failure of the American authorities to take the necessary security measures.