In Simferopol, was elected mayor

© Photo : the Council of State of the Republic of Tramdepot of the Parliament of the Republic of Crimea of the United Russia party Igor Lukashev. Archive photoIn Simferopol, was elected mayor© Photo : the Council of State of the Republic of Crimea

The post of head of the city administration of Simferopol was taken by the Deputy of the Crimean Parliament from the party «United Russia» Igor Lukashev.

Decision adopted at the session of the Simferopol city Council on Friday.

The second candidate presented by the competitive Commission on consideration of deputies, was the General Director of «Crimean news company» (news Agency «Kryminform») Maxim Nikolayenko.

The results of the voting Lukasheva was supported by 29 deputies, Nikolaenko is one.

The last head of administration of Simferopol Gennady Bakharev, head of the city hall almost 3 years, wrote in late August a letter of resignation for health reasons. Letters of resignation at own will wrote his Deputy and the first Deputy.

Igor Lukashev was born on 13 June 1962 in Simferopol. Has higher education, in 1985 he graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk civil engineering Institute, specialty «industrial and civil construction». Went from laborer Simferopol training and production enterprise «UTOS» to the Chairman of Committee of the state Council of Crimea on economic, fiscal and tax policy. Elected Nizhnegorskoe-the Soviet single-mandate constituency №17 of the party «United Russia». He is married, has two sons.