In the CEC expect to see in the elections in 2018, observers from Asia

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in fotobank information center of the Central election Commission in a single day of voting. 10 Sep 2017In the CEC expect to see in the elections in 2018, observers from Asia© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The Russian Central election Committee hopes that the presidential elections of 2018 will be the first established mission of observers from the Association of Asian election authorities (AAI), told RIA Novosti member of the CEC, Nikolai Levichev, who oversees the office of international cooperation.

International conference «Contemporary electoral trends in a multipolar world», organized by the Russian Central election Commission was held on Thursday in Moscow. It was attended by election officials from many countries of the former Soviet Union and other States, representatives of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) Council of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly.

«We hope that, perhaps for the first time in these elections will be able to shape the mission of the Association of Asian election authorities,» — said Levichev in response to the question of the presence as observers in the elections-2018 specific organizations whose representatives participated in the conference.

Such new forms of surveillance were discussed at the meeting and on the sidelines of the conference, he said.

The CEC member said that participation in the conference participated the representative of the electoral Commission of the Philippines, which currently presides over AIO. Levichev has reminded that at the General Assembly of the Association held in Manila in March, Russia was elected Vice-Chairman of the organization.

The CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova on Thursday, addressing to participants of conference in Moscow, invited them all to observe the presidential elections in 2018, noting that Russia is open for observers and waiting for all who is interested in it. The main thing for the CEC, stressed the Minister that this monitoring was the most impartial, honest and professional.