In Yakutia for the first time held the «battle» municipal projects

© Photo : Khoroshevskoe Dedicatoria. Archive photoIn Yakutia for the first time held the «battle» municipal projects© Photo : Khoroshevskoe Denis

The first in Yakutia «battle» municipal projects was held in the regional capital Yakutsk. The specialists of local governments had submitted projects to the jury in the framework of project management training, told RIA Novosti the head of the Central project management office of project management Department of administration and head of government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Roman Solodukhin.

According to him, the winner of the contest was the project of construction of a sports center in Culmine.

«About 100 specialists of local governments were trained at courses of improvement of qualification on a specialty «Management of projects». The competition was presented 18 projects,» said Solodukhin.

In addition, he noted that the capital of the region there have arrived representatives of each district of the Republic.

«Events of this magnitude in Yakutia have not yet carried out. Total project management in Yakutia for two years it is planned to train over a thousand state and municipal employees, which is the greatest challenge in Russia in this sphere», — said Solodukhin.
He added that the project of transferring the flooded village of Berezovka is one of the key for the region.

«This project will involve the authorities responsible for vital industries, ranging from construction to health care. With the help of instruments and mechanisms of project management is necessary to effectively coordinate the activities of contractors to respond promptly to risks, to establish communication of a large project team and to make timely decisions on problems,» said Solodukhin.

Municipal officials were trained in project management graduate school of innovation management at the head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) from 18 to 21 September.

Since the end of last year, the Central project Committee, which is headed by the head of Yakutia Egor Borisov. The Committee deals with the implementation of project management in the region and oversees 11 projects.