Lebedev called on to solve the problems of the disabled

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in potomacfever Zhirinovsky and Igor Lebedev. Archival photoLebedev called on to solve the problems of the disabled© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

It is necessary to solve the problem of improper treatment of persons with disabilities and provide them with accessible environment and to empower families with children with disabilities to use the maternity capital for the purchase of vehicles, said the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev (LDPR).

Earlier the state Secretary of the Central Bank Alexander Torshin has published on Twitter a video in which a little girl with no arms eat with his feet. In comments Lebedev asked the question, «why are these children allowed to be born, because it’s torture, not life,» noting that «modern medicine defines pathology in advance.» His message said the Deputy from «United Russia» Sergei Boyarsky, who wrote that it was «disgusting position.» Lebedev, in turn, noted that «repulsive when such suffer and not live.» Later he met the child’s mother and brought her to apologize.

«As a man and as an MP I took the right decision — I met this girl’s family and offered them an apology for his words, apologized for the fact that they are involuntarily engaged in this very ugly story, and in the face apologized to all children with disabilities who would have thought that my words somehow helped them to insult or offend. Apologies were accepted», — said Lebedev, speaking at the plenary session on Thursday.

Moralists will now be waving his arms. Do not understand what I’m talking about. Just to get pleasure from a sense of self-righteousness.

— Igor Lebedev (@Russian1972) 12 Sep 2017

The MP stressed that the whole story is put on the agenda a number of very important issues, some of which was voiced by the mother of a disabled girl Elmira Knutsen.

«The first is the attitude towards people with disabilities. Colleagues at work, neighbors in the stairwell sometimes treat disabled people as people of another sort, but it’s fundamentally wrong. The second – available environment. If Moscow is anything being done to make life easier for people with disabilities, unfortunately, the subjects sometimes nothing is done,» said Lebedev.

He also noted the problem of compensation for prostheses, which is provided only once a year, despite the fact that in some cases a change of prosthesis is required several times a year.

Another problem highlighted by the politician, for the possibility of using the maternity capital for families with children with disabilities to buy a car, for such families, he said, «is not a luxury, it is really a means of life.»

«At a recent meeting a colleague (the first Deputy head of the Duma Committee on education and science, the Communist party) Smolin Oleg Nikolaevich raised the question about necessity of creation for the Chairman of the state Duma Council on disability Affairs. The liberal democratic party of Russia fully supports this initiative and as such will direct the work of the Commission Deputy Valery Seleznev,» — said Lebedev.

The politician added that in the near future the party will make the appropriate legislative initiative to the lower house of Parliament, and urged fellow MPs to support them.