Orthodox activists staged «Avenue of twentieth-century rulers»

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of «God’s will»Picket the Orthodox activists at the opening of the Avenue of the rulers of the 20th centuryOrthodox activists staged «Avenue of twentieth-century rulers»© Photo : courtesy of the press service of «God’s will»

Orthodox activists of the movement «God’s will», held the peaceful protest action during its existence. At the Grand opening of «the Avenue of the rulers of the twentieth century,» they picketed the busts of Lenin and Stalin.

This time the activists have treated pickets and only after the official part of the event. They are not rushed in the presence of the eggs, as in Marilyn Manson, not tried to blame the busts on the ground, as it was at the exhibition of the Siddur in the Arena, don’t put it under monuments pig’s head, as in the case with the Tabakov theatre. When the procession, headed by the Deputy Minister of culture Alexander Zhuravskii, the leader of fraction of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the author of the busts of Zurab Tsereteli have visited monuments, a bust of Stalin activist Olga silently unfurled a poster with the portrait of Anna Akhmatova.

«You can’t put on a par legitimate rulers of Russia’s historical and ruthless invaders who killed ENU, buried in an unmarked grave Stravinsky Mandelstam and Akhmatova, Pasternak. It is a sacrilege,» said RIA Novosti the leader of «God’s will» Dmitry Larionov.

«Valley of rulers» created by the Russian military-historical society in the Park, ennobled in the course of the restoration of the building in Petroverigsky lane, where now is located the «Museum of military uniforms». In may 2017 was opened the first part of the walk and 33 busts of the rulers of the Russian state until 1917. Today the alley added the busts of the seven leaders of the Soviet state from Lenin to Gorbachev. A monument to Yeltsin is scheduled to open in February, the birthday of the first President of the Russian Federation.