Scientists have figured out how to teach a child perseverance

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Dedication and perseverance — qualities which are acquired by children at an early age, found researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). Article researchers published in the journal Science.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which toddlers (15 months) were divided into two groups: one showed how a grown man struggling to perform a simple task, like getting a toy from the container, others — how to cope with this task without any effort. After this, the researchers went to the trick: the children showed a music box and turned the music on by activating it remotely, and when the scientists left the room, the kids in the presence of parents was to try to re-enable the sound by clicking on the fake button on the box.

The experiment showed that the infants who saw the persistence of adults, pushed the button twice as often as those who showed «more successful» people. While scientists specifically put in front of small and large members of different task, the infants did not show how to handle the box to exclude the hypothesis that children simply imitated what they saw.

«We used to think of perseverance as the innate human character traits. I believe that the phenomenon is much deeper. We can learn and change our ways of purposeful actions depending on social context,» said the study’s author, a specialist in developmental psychology from MIT Julia Leonard.

According to the Professor of the University of Maryland Lucas ‘ Butler did not participate in the study, intelligence and talent of the child play an important role in education, however, not less significant and installation, which motivate children to achieve results.

«Children, especially at this age, inherent interest in what they do parents. Let them observe how you deal with your domestic duties, for example, everyday chores around the house, and it will give fruit. They can understand something about the effort,» says the Professor.