Small planet between Jupiter and Mars was named after Orel priest

© Photo : Oryol metropolivincent the Russian Academy of Sciences on assignment of the minor planet No. 24604 (1973 SP4) name Vasilermakov in honor of the native of Sochi Archpriest Vasily Yermakov T.Small planet between Jupiter and Mars was named after Orel priest© Photo : Orel Archdiocese

Minor planet of the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars named in honor of the priest of Orel region Archpriest Vasily Yermakov, reported on Friday in Orel Archdiocese.

«Minor planet registered in the international catalogue of minor planets under No. 24604 (1973 SP4), was named Vasilermakov in honor of the native of Sochi, Archpriest Basil T. Ermakova. This decision was taken by the Committee to name the minor planets of the International astronomical Union», — stated in the message.

An official certificate of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Sochi on 21 September brought the pilgrims from St. Petersburg, arrived at a commemorative celebration in honor of FR.

The orbit of minor planet was discovered in 1955, and the celestial body open on 27 September 1973, during the observations in the Crimean astrophysical Observatory scientist-astronomer Lyudmila Chernykh, is known by the opening 268 of the asteroids. In 2001, the opening was registered.

«Tamara Nikolaeva, spiritual child of Archpriest Vasily Yermakov, took care to perpetuate his name in the title of a celestial body, which took 16 years. The name of the planet listed in the international scientific publication of the «Ephemerides of minor planets», vyuschimisya applied astronomy of RAS», — said the Metropolitan.

Small planet Vasilermakov is in the so-called asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Its diameter is about 7 kilometers — larger than the size of the opening, and the semimajor axis of the orbit of 8.82 astronomical units.

Archpriest Vasily Yermakov (1927-2007) — a native of Sochi. Since 1981 — the rector of the Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov Seraphim cemetery in St. Petersburg. Considered one of the most famous and influential St. Petersburg clergy in recent decades.

The official certificate of the RAS will be kept in the memorial house of Archpriest Vasily Yermakov in Sochi.