The DPRK said the possibility of a new test of the hydrogen bomb

© AP Photo / Korean Central News Depasaros ballistic missiles Hwaseong-12 in KoreaThe DPRK said the possibility of a new test of the hydrogen bomb© AP Photo / Korean Central News Agency

The answer to the speech of the US President Donald trump has threatened North Korea with destruction, may be «unprecedented» test of a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific ocean. As reported by Yonhap, said the foreign Minister of the DPRK ri Yong Ho.

«I don’t know what will be the action, the case of the Deputy Chairman of the Council of state (Kim Jong UN), so I don’t know. Maybe it will be an unprecedented test of a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific ocean,» — said the Minister.

Lee Yong-Ho compared the statement of trump’s readiness to destroy the DPRK with the «barking dogs». «If he thought he can scare us the dog barking, it’s just a dream dog,» said the Minister, referring to the North Korean version of the proverb «the dogs bark, the caravan moves on.»

«Completely destroy North Korea»

Donald trump at the UN General Assembly said that the DPRK may be destroyed if will be a threat to the United States. He noted that Washington has «a lot of patience,» but if the United States «will be forced to defend ourselves or to defend our allies,» then will be forced to «completely destroy North Korea.»

The White house also came up for the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN a new nickname — «rocket man» and expressed confidence «on a mission «suicide» for himself and his regime».

Later, the White house sources said that trump was so harsh against Kim Jong-UN to demonstrate the seriousness of intentions.

«Mad cunt»

Kim Jong-UN called the behavior of trump at the Genasamblee UN «insane» and his speech «a gross crazy nonsense.» North Korean leader also compared trump’s «bully and a gangster playing with fire» and promised to take «tough countermeasures for the most severe in the history of the Declaration of war on North Korea».

According to the North Korean leader, trump «will get results beyond his expectations.» «I am determined to tame the fire of the American mad imbecile», he added.

On Thursday, the US President approves new sanctions against North Korea, which will affect the citizens of the DPRK, whose activity generates income for the North as well as banks who work with them.

The state Department said that the U.S. intends to take North Korea of «starvation», depriving it of money on nuclear and missile program. Trump himself said that the DPRK «too long allowed to abuse the global financial system.

160 kilotons

The DPRK said on September 3, successfully tested a hydrogen warhead, which will be equipped with Intercontinental ballistic missiles. Assessment of Seoul and Tokyo, its capacity amounted to 160 kilotons.

The UN security Council after the nuclear tests adopted new sanctions against North Korea, which imposed restrictions on the import and export of steel and the toughest since the beginning of the XXI century.

The DPRK said the possibility of a new test of the hydrogen bomb© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka can fly rockets to the DPRK