The new mayor of Simferopol has promised not to disappoint

© RIA Novosti / Max Petropalace in fotosensibilitatii station in Simferopol. Archival photoThe new mayor of Simferopol has promised not to disappoint© RIA Novosti / Max Petropalace the image Bank

The new head of administration of Simferopol Igor Lukashev promised not to disappoint the residents of the city to the office.

The decision of the session of the Simferopol city Council on Friday Lukasheva candidacy was supported by 29 deputies of the 30.

«I hope that will not disappoint. I’ll go with session for a meeting with the head of the Republic. In the future, we immediately start to work. I’ll be back to the administration, gather people, organize routine work, which needs to move on,» said Lukashev at city Council session.

Lukashev appealed to the administration with a request to meet on Friday, «the RAM», to «compare notes», however, he promised not to take any revolutionary decisions.