The scientists said, what will become of a world without sexual attraction

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Researchers were told what would happen to humanity if all people on Earth no longer feel sexual attraction, writes Gizmondo.

A large part of the interviewed researchers believe that the society has undergone a significant transformation since sex is a powerful social and economic engine.

So, associate Professor of sociology Williams College in the United States Gregory Mitchell believes that in the case of the disappearance of desire, sexual activity does not cease to exist because a lot of people somehow got used to have sex without desire. However, in this case there would be a strong economic downturn, but also changed the traditional relationship between the sexes. In addition, would increase the demand for surrogacy and adoption of children from developing countries.

According to Rachel Franklin from brown University, despite the emergence of new reproductive technologies, the lack of people of sexual desire will inevitably lead to population reduction. As a result, authorities will have to introduce a system of coercion to force people to continue to race. According to sociologist Ronald M. green, one of the measures can be a complete ban on contraceptives.

Cary Gabriel Costello University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee believes that, losing interest in sex, humanity will return to some semblance of the Victorian era, when society valued a romantic relationship without sex. As the scientist, at that time people maintain stable marriages, and the birth rate is not reduced due to the high level of social responsibility of people.