«Tver shooter» requests to reduce the penalty from life sentence to 20 years

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Zolotkovychi in photobacteria Egorov in the Tver regional court«Tver shooter» requests to reduce the penalty from life sentence to 20 years© RIA Novosti / Alexander Zolotkovychi the image Bank

Sergey Egorov, convicted for life for the murder of nine gardeners in the Tver region, appealed the sentence, he asks the court to change his sentence to «maximum real time», informed RIA Novosti the representative of the Tver regional court.

The court sentenced Egorov September 12.

«Today, Egorova received the appeal, in which he requests to change his sentence. He wrote: «Please change the sentence of the Tver regional court from life imprisonment to the maximum term,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to Russian criminal law, the maximum term of imprisonment cannot exceed 20 years.

Lawyer Timothy Shcherbakov declined to comment on this request Egorova.

The massacre took place in the dacha cooperative «50 years of October» in the village of Redkino, Konakovo area in early June. In one of the villas found the bodies of three women and five men, and in the trunk of a parked car — the woman’s body. One girl managed to hide from the shooter and call the police.

The suspect — 45-year-old Muscovite Egorova — arrested immediately after the crime. He was drunk and tried to escape. As has established a consequence, during a party he fell out with the truckers and then went back to the offenders with a hunting rifle and opened fire.