When a hard helicopter landing in Kazakhstan three persons suffered

© Fotolia / ju_skzВертолет. Archival photoWhen a hard helicopter landing in Kazakhstan three persons suffered© Fotolia / ju_skz

Three people were injured in the hard landing of helicopter Mi-2 of airline «Tyan-Shan» in the Akmola region of Kazakhstan, one of them is in intensive care, said the Deputy chief physician of the district hospital Akkolsky Tamasha Syzdykova.

Earlier on Friday, the civil aviation Committee of the Ministry of investments and development reported that the helicopter Mi-2 of airline «Tyan Shan» made a hard landing, the crew survived. No other details were given.

According to the doctor, the victims were taken to the hospital in 03.40 (00.40 GMT).

«One man is in intensive care in the intensive care unit. At the injured man with 45% body burn. At the moment the patient’s condition is stable. The other two injured minor injuries, after first aid they were released home», — quotes the words of the Syzdykova information portal tengrinews.kz.