A foreign consultant to help investigate the accident at the mine «Mir»

© RIA Novosti / Press-service AK «ALROSA»go to potamanthidae mine the World is raised with the lift to the surface. 4 August 2017. Archival photoA foreign consultant to help investigate the accident at the mine «Mir»© RIA Novosti / Press-service AK «ALROSA»go to the Bank

The Supervisory Board of ALROSA decided to engage an independent consultant to investigate the causes of the accident at the mine «Mir» in Yakutia, said in a statement.

Currently, the report said, the Commission of Rostekhnadzor continues the investigation of causes of accident, its outcome will be announced within a few weeks.

«The management of «ALROSA» also provided information on measures to enhance industrial safety that would be implemented by the company. In particular, the Supervisory Board reviewed the proposals to select foreign auditor to conduct an independent examination of the accident at the mine «Mir» and the effectiveness of the chosen during the construction of the design solutions. Following consideration, decided to engage the company SRK Consulting. An auditor will last until the end of the current year», — stated in the message.

Also from the Board withdrawn departed Ivan Demyanov and Igor Kulichik, as well as continuing the work of the head udachninskiy GOK Alexander Makhrachev, the head of the Aikhal MPD Ravil Sanatulov and the head of the Yakutniproalmaz Institute Alexander Chaadaev, as they are functionally accountable to present to the Board the first Vice-President – the operational Director of the company Igor Sobolev. The Board included the Vice-President on interaction with public authorities and international activities of the Sergei Barsukov, Vice-President for Economics and Finance Alexander Filippovsky and Director of the branch «ESO ALROSA» Evgeny Agureev.

At the diamond mines of ALROSA in the town of Mirny in Yakutia on August 4, there was a breakthrough of water from the quarry. In the mine at the time was 151 people. The surface was raised 143 miners. Eight people remained under the ground. Search and rescue operations at the mine stopped on August 26 from-for dangers of flooding of underground workings. Trying to pull water from the quarry with the help of directional explosions failed.