In some Venezuelan States formed a queue for petrol

© AP PhotoНефтехранилище company Petroleos de Venezuela. Archival photoIn some Venezuelan States formed a queue for petrol© AP Photo

Huge queues at gas stations in several States of Venezuela persist for several days due to lack of fuel, motorists have to wait at least three hours, writes the edition Universal.

In line can be about 300 vehicles, which seriously affect the work of companies engaged in transportation of perishable products and necessities.

As the newspaper notes, in the state of Merida, fuel problems continue for five days, the period of waiting for their turn at the gas station there is an average of three hours, and on the same machine sell only 30 liters of fuel. Some gas stations are closed.

In Bolivar state, this situation has lasted for more than three weeks in connection with the problems at the regional distribution system. In Santa Barbara del Zulia in the state of Zulia motorists more than three days remaining without petrol, ready Monday to strike if the situation with fuel supplies will not change.

In the state of Anzoategui in the sale of 95-octane gasoline and 91-m drivers lined up in long time line.

The Minister of oil of Venezuela, Eulochio del Pino ensured that in the near future problems with the supply of fuel will be solved.