«Rocket man»: trump has promised to deal with Kim Jong-UN

© REUTERS / Aaron P. BernsteinПрезидент USA Donald trump at a campaign rally in Alabama, which is in support of the candidate of the Republicans in the Senate. 22 September 2017«Rocket man»: trump has promised to deal with Kim Jong-UN© REUTERS / Aaron P. Bernstein

The President of the United States Donald trump believes that you should «long ago» to end North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

«To deal with human missile had a long time ago,» said the us leader, speaking at a campaign rally in Alabama, which is in support of the candidate of the Republicans in the Senate.

Trump stressed that to solve the issue with Kim Jong-UN had previous presidents of the United States. «It was (bill) Clinton, I will not talk about Republicans (Barack) Obama. It had to be solved and 8, and 4 and 15 years ago, it should not be now», — said the head of state, saying that «I got this”.

«Unprecedented test»

In his speech at the UN General Assembly trump said that the U.S. should destroy North Korea if it will threaten the United States. He called Kim Jong UN a «man-rocket». On Friday, he called Kim Jong UN «insane» and promised him «unprecedented test». «Kim Jong-UN from North Korea, obviously, a madman who has no objection to the killings of its people, or their death from starvation will be subject to unprecedented testing,» wrote the American President in his Twitter account.

Kim Jong-UN, in turn, called trump’s speech at the UN «crazy nonsense», the American President — «senile» and promised «to take the most stringent in the history of countermeasures.»

«The most powerful» test of a hydrogen bomb

Pyongyang in response to the statement trump has also threatened to carry out in the Pacific ocean «the most powerful» test of a hydrogen bomb. Trump’s statement about the readiness to destroy North Korea foreign Minister of the DPRK ri Yong Ho compared to «barking dogs».

«If he thinks he can scare us the dog barking, it’s just a dream dog,» said Lee Yong-Ho.

A vicious circle

The situation around North Korea is a vicious cycle, and both Pyongyang and Washington continue to play the bellicose rhetoric, which does not contribute to the settlement, said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

«I have no doubt that until you will hear rhetoric from the United States and some of their allies about the possibility of intervention in the internal Affairs of North Korea with the aim of changing the current regime there, until North Korea will make every possible effort to protect themselves from external interference, including through the development of weapons of mass destruction,» said the Senator.

Earlier, Russia and China offered the DPRK to declare a moratorium on nuclear tests and missile launches, and South Korea and the United States to refrain from conducting exercises in the region to stabilize the situation on the Peninsula, but in Washington, this initiative was ignored.

«Rocket man»: trump has promised to deal with Kim Jong-UN© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka can fly rockets to the DPRK