The Dalai Lama will meet in Riga with BG and Buddhists from Russia

© RIA Novosti / Olga Lipics emotions originate in the mind, which the Dalai Lama offers to curb. Archival photoThe Dalai Lama will meet in Riga with BG and Buddhists from Russia© RIA Novosti / Olga Lipic

The Dalai Lama will be held in Riga on September 23-25 spiritual teachings for anyone interested in Buddhism and its followers from the Baltic countries and Russia, and will talk about the actual problems with the famous Russian rock musician Boris Grebenshchikov and other cultural figures.

The organizing Committee expects that in the three-day exercise in the large hall of the Riga’s «Skonto» will be attended by about four thousand people from dozens of countries around the world. During the exercise, the Dalai Lama, by tradition, will give his comments on the writings of prominent Buddhist thinkers.

Proper meditation and awakening

This time the Dalai Lama has opted for the practical aspect of Buddhism, by the explanation of two works: «stages of contemplation» Indian philosopher of Kamalashila about the correct approach to meditation and «a Brief Lam-rim (stages of the path») Tibetan philosopher je Tsongkhapa about the sequence of the path to awakening.

«These exercises are important for several reasons. And the first of them is the topic of exercises. In the «Steps of contemplation» Kamalashila explains in great detail the practice of meditation, how to do, how to concentrate. The translation of this text has recently appeared in the Russian language and has aroused great interest among readers. Because today, meditation has become increasingly popular not only among Buddhists but also among the General public. The second text to explain the Dalai Lama, «a Short Lam-rim» je Tsongkhapa — it outlines the successive stages of the path to awakening. The authors of these works — particularly revered in Buddhism mentors,» said RIA Novosti the representative of the Dalai Lama in Russia, CIS and Mongolia, the Supreme Lama of Kalmykia, telo Tulku Rinpoche.

Kamalashila — known in Buddhism, Acharya (preceptor), Indian philosopher who lived in the VIII century, one of 17 Pandit (great philosophers) of the ancient Indian monastery of Nalanda University. The Dalai Lama calls Tibetan thinkers, the spiritual successors of Nalanda it. Je Tsongkhapa is the most famous of them, he is revered in Tibet, on a par with the Buddha. Tsongkhapa lived in the XIII-XIV centuries and the Foundation of the school of Gelug Buddhism, widely spread in Russia.

The first dialogue of artists and the Dalai Lama will go the software on the book «Greater than religion. Ethics for the whole world.» In it, as in their oral presentations, the spiritual leader said the rejection of «outdated», he said, of dividing the world into «us» and «them» and highlights the idea of the «unity of all mankind.» The Dalai Lama also advises his contemporaries to overcome individual and global problems and threats of the XXI century to shift the focus from material wealth to love, compassion, patience, and other spiritual landmarks that serve as the key to true happiness.

Boris Grebenshchikov have been interested in Tibetan Buddhism, translated several books of a Tibetan Lama, Chokyi NIMA, including its «Guide to life and death,» and repeatedly met with the Dalai Lama. And his group «Aquarium» has twice completed the teachings of spiritual leader for the Baltic States and Russia «musical offerings» — a charity concert for all participants.

Every time the Dalai Lama chooses to exercise one or another of the fundamental Buddhist treatise, actualizes it, and answered numerous questions from the audience. In 2016, he told the audience in the hall 4.5 thousand participants from 65 countries about their understanding of the second Chapter of Dharmakirti’s writings (one of the 17 Pandit of Nalanda) called «Pramanavarttika» — «Commentary on the treatise Dignaga on reliable knowledge».

The Dalai Lama also called on everyone «to take responsibility for all mankind», to develop compassion and love regardless of religious affiliations and personal attachments, to practice the faith of their ancestors, to respect all religions, to avoid extremes, to seek peace in Syria and all the hot spots of the planet and in General care more about others.

After inclusion of Tibet in China, the Dalai Lama in 1959 moved to India. His residence in Dharamsala in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh, in the foothills of the Himalayas. There settled the «Tibetan government in exile.» For educational activities in different countries and peacekeeping efforts, the Dalai Lama was awarded in 1989 the Nobel peace prize.

In Russia, the Dalai Lama visited several times with short visits, the last one was a day in 2004 in Kalmykia. In subsequent years, the Russian Buddhists have repeatedly expressed the hope soon to see the Dalai Lama in their regions with a longer visit, however, the question still cannot be solved, since the visits of the spiritual leader of Tibet in other countries accompany the notes of protest from China. Even after the spring of 2011, the Dalai Lama gave up his political powers of the head of the «Tibetan government in exile», Beijing accuses him of seeking to separate Tibet from China.

Especially close relationship with the Dalai Lama became the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, when the yard has been a growing interest in Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan medicine. The Russian Empire was the first European States to establish diplomatic relations with Tibet then headed by the Dalai Lama XIII (video was interrupted after the revolution in Russia), and in the capital Saint-Petersburg was built Europe’s first Buddhist temple.

According to the rector of the St. Petersburg datsan gunzechoinei syreeta Lama Buda Badmaev (Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia), the founders of Buddhism in Europe was the Russian Buddhists.

Agvan Dorjiev (1853-1938) — Buryat Lama, diplomat and scientist involved in the teaching of the Dalai Lama XIII, obligasi Tibet and the Russian Empire — was one of the first Buddhist priests who lectured on Buddhism, built the mandala and held ritual ceremonies in Europe. Present at this action Innokenty Annensky wrote a poem called «a Buddhist mass in Paris». A guide Dorzhieva in Paris was Maximilian Voloshin. Students were also Dorzhieva, Georges Clemenceau, future famous French traveler in Tibet Alexandra David-Neel.

© RIA Novosti / Nina Alekseeva go to fotobanka the Dalai Lama in RigaThe Dalai Lama will meet in Riga with BG and Buddhists from Russia© RIA Novosti / Nina Alekseeva go to fotobanka the Dalai Lama in Riga
The organizers of the exercises

The organizers of the Riga teachings of the Dalai Lama, addressed the society «Save Tibet» (Riga), Fund «Save Tibet» (Moscow) and the Center of Tibetan culture and information (Moscow).