The Ministry of interior can appoint examination for identification of the killed near Volgograd girls

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in photobackpack car. Archival photoThe Ministry of interior can appoint examination for identification of the killed near Volgograd girls© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

The investigation will designate the examination of DNA found in the Volgograd region of the girl’s body, if there are doubts about his belonging missing a week ago, five-year-old Sonia, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the Moi in the region of Anton kornauhov.

On the evening of 15 September, the girl did not return home after a walk in the Playground in the town of Kalach-on-don. According to the UK, the child’s body was discovered on September 22 in the outbuildings near the garage Boxing. On suspicion in murder it is detained 55-the summer owner of the building — the grandfather of a friend of the murdered girl. He has already pleaded guilty.

«At the moment assigned to the broad expertise and research. If you need to assign a DNA examination, it will be assigned, but the investigators and the cops have no doubt that the place discovered the body of a missing child. There is also the testimony given by the detainee that the found body belongs to missing Sophia,» explained Kornaukhov.

He added that the parents of the missing near Volgograd girls were not sure that the found body belongs to their daughter and insisted on the lineup. Later, the father of the missing child was identified that found at the crime scene things belonged to his daughter.

«Father and mother insisted on the lineup. Given the fact that the mother is still breastfeeding — breastfeeding a five-month-old child, but father was given the opportunity to identify things found at the crime scene. Father recognized them as things that belonged to their missing daughter. The body to identify very difficult,» — said Karnaukhov.

To search for the child was accompanied by an unprecedented effort in search activities were attended by over 300 people, as well as unmanned aircraft. Law enforcement, volunteers, local residents and relatives of the girls combed the area, inspected all garage boxes and carried door to door.

Investigators believe 15 September 2017, the suspect was able to lure the girl because he was familiar with it. The vigilant pensioner who helped militiamen to detain the suspect in the murder of the girl, will receive 1 million rubles.