The protests in Paris, clashes broke out

© SputnikДемонстрация against the reform of the Labour code in Paris, France. 23 September 2017The protests in Paris, clashes broke out© Sputnik

The activists of the radical «Black bloc» staged a collision with representatives of the left party «Rebellious France,» Jean-Luc Mélenchon to protest against labor reforms in Paris, according to news channel BFMTV.

A few dozen people in black whose faces were hidden by masks, tried to break on stage at the Republic square, where he should begin the speech of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In the way of the bullies become supporters of the policy, there was a small fight on stage flew stones and bottles.

Data about the victims of the collision have not yet been reported.

On Friday, the President of France Emmanuel Makron despite a wave of protests has signed a number of decrees on the reform of labour legislation. Provisions of the reform prepared by the government of Edouard Philippe, aimed at the development of social dialogue in companies and industries, formation of guarantees for workers, the search for new solutions for small and medium enterprises, as well as increasing the economic attractiveness of the country.

The changes will affect both definite and indefinite contracts of employment, dismissal procedures, and other relations of the subjects of labor law. The authorities hope that the implementation of the reform will reduce unemployment in France, while according to trade Union reform will benefit only employers and workers will find themselves in a difficult situation.