A group of Japanese, stay on Kunashir want to send home by sea

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Chesnokova in fotoangelo Yuzhno-Kurilsk on Kunashir island. Archival photoA group of Japanese, stay on Kunashir want to send home by sea© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Tecnocovering the image Bank

A group of Japanese, who was delayed because of bad weather on the Kunashir can be shipped to Japan by sea, reported RIA Novosti employees of the airline «Aurora», which is a Charter flight was taken to the southern Kuril Islands former residents to visit the graves of their ancestors.

On the eve of Nakashibetsu plane «Aurora» brought a group of 70 Japanese on Kunashir, where former residents of the Islands were divided and part of it went to Iturup island. Due to the bad weather the plane was unable to return to Kunashir to pick up the rest, and was redirected to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

«Now consider the possibility of the return of the group from Kunashir ship back to Japan,» said the officer, «Aurora», on condition of anonymity.

According to him, the remaining portion, which is located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, may fly directly to Nakashibetsu in Hokkaido.