«Alternative for Germany» will be in the Bundestag the opposition

© AFP 2017 / John MacdougallКандидаты from the party, Alternative for Germany, Alexander Holand and Alice Whaletail during the counting of votes in parliamentary wyborach in Germany. 24 September 2017«Alternative for Germany» will be in the Bundestag the opposition© AFP 2017 / John Macdougall

Right-wing party «Alternative for Germany» (AfD), according to the exit poll, first held in the Bundestag, is going to be the opposition there, said the party’s co-jörg Meuthen.

As previously reported, the exit poll data public-law TV station ARD indicate that the «Alternative for Germany» (AfD) will be held in the Bundestag, occupying the third place with 13.5%.

«We almost tripled the number of our votes… We set a goal to become the third force, clearly, we have become the third force. We will make constructive, civil, conservative opposition in the Bundestag,» said Molten live on ARD.

«Alternative for Germany» takes part in the parliamentary elections in Germany the second time. In the elections in 2013 the party failed to overcome the 5% barrier, gaining 4.7 percent of the votes. Currently the party is represented in 13 the state Parliament of Germany.

The AfD advocates for tougher immigration policy, abandoning the Euro and returning to the Deutsche mark. The main tasks of the party puts the opposition to Islam, reducing crime, protecting the family as the basic unit of society and the reform of tax systems. AfD is also in favour of détente with Russia and the lifting of sanctions.