Israel and Bahrain are planning soon to announce the normalization of relations

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in fotosensibile flag. Archival photoIsrael and Bahrain are planning soon to announce the normalization of relations© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

Israel and Bahrain announce the normalization of relations in the course of next year, reported news portal Middle East Eye sources in the Bahraini government and the Western diplomats working in this country of the Persian Gulf.

According to informed diplomatic source in the government of Bahrain, at the moment high-ranking officials of both countries have maintained contacts and focus on the preparation of visits of businessmen, influential public and religious figures. Sources said that these contacts will soon follow official statements on transactions in the field of entrepreneurship between countries.

Sources in the government of Bahrain stressed that such moves reflect the new realities of the Middle East. «Israel does not threaten our security and not satisfied with the plots against us, but Iran is just is engaged in it», — quotes the portal of the government source.

Western diplomats who have spoken with the portal, I also believe that it is mainly about developing economic ties. «Of course, we will witness the opening of the Israeli Embassy here, but perhaps there will be official visits of the Ministers of trade and economic relations», — quotes the portal of the Western diplomatic source.

The diplomats also stressed that the rapprochement between Israel and Bahrain against the backdrop of tensions around Iran. «I wouldn’t say that this year, maybe next, they’ll tell people about the need to confront Iran, and over time, people will accept it», — concluded the source.

Earlier, Bahrain has heavily criticized the various Arab organizations opposed to the normalization of relations the Arab world with Israel after the Israeli delegation took part in the FIFA Congress, held in Manama in may. However, the Kingdom is home to the largest Jewish community among the countries of the Persian Gulf, is located in the capital of the Jewish Museum, which was created at the synagogue. Jews — citizens of Bahrain usually occupy in the Kingdom significant positions, working in government, Parliament and large companies. They maintain ties with Jewish communities in other countries of the world, including in Israel.