Kruzenshtern met in Kaliningrad after the last season of flight

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotobanka Kruzenshtern on the Baltic seaKruzenshtern met in Kaliningrad after the last season of flight© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

Sailboat «Kruzenshtern» has returned to its home port of Kaliningrad after the season’s last navigation training flight that ended with the official cadets and crew.

Sea wolves

Greeters this time was much less than trainees because of the 120 cadets of the Kaliningrad turned out to be only one-fifth. The rest arrived in the most Western Russian region from different educational institutions of the Agency – Kerch state Maritime technological University, Yeisk marine fishing College the Volga-Caspian Maritime College, Astrakhan state technical University.

Before the formation of cadets on the deck of a sailboat captain Mikhail Eremchenko reported to the rector of the Kaliningrad state University, which exploits the «Kruzenshtern», Vladimir Volkogon about the end of the flight and that the crew and trainees are healthy, the ship is fine.

«Dear parents, I promised you that they will come back from the trip beautiful and matured. It is the real «wolves», they were a storm, but it’s worth it. Fellow students, thank you for your service. You have the real sailors, and I would have gone to investigate,» said the captain, addressing the cadets and their parents.

Educational and cultural program

Future ship engineer, cadet of Baltic state Academy of fishing fleet (BGA) Victor trostyanskiy told RIA Novosti that in addition to a heavy storm the most difficult during the first training flight was to climb the mast.

«The first 10 days they all had the same classes, a device of the vessel, navigation, and then the lessons were for directions – navigators have one, we, the mechanics, the lectures were directly involved in the machine instruction. And in the storm strong. Such that crunched all Kubrick, in General, not be bored», — told reality.

A sailboat sailed from Kaliningrad in the third, the final season of navigation training flight on 22 August. During this time Burke visited the German port of Kiel, the French Le Havre and Gdynia in Poland. According to the cadet in each port sailboat had a constant interest of inhabitants and guests of these cities I’d love to attend bark during the «open side».

To enter the port of Mariehamn in åland (Autonomous part of Finland) refused to sailboat the military authorities of the country, so the «Kruzenshtern» has adjusted the schedule of the flight and went to the German port of Warnemunde, from where arrived to Kaliningrad.

Future plans

The rector of KSTU noted that, despite the fact that the ship returned to its home port practice for the cadets did not end there. Another month they will learn the basics of seamanship aboard the legendary sailing ship.

«About a month «Kruzenshtern» will be in port, cadets will be on Board to finish the program of practice, take tests. About a month, we perespectives in Light, to the shipyard. All work is expected to be planned, nothing serious. Now another of our sailboat «Sedov» is in the same plant, there has already begun the repair, it is more serious but the experts know how to do and what to do» — said RIA Novosti Volkogon.

He added that there is a preliminary agreement that the sailboat will take part in the activities associated with receiving in the Kaliningrad region the main trophy of the world championship on football which will pass in Russia in 2018, the region should be four championship games.

The training sailing vessel «Kruzenshtern» said in 2016, 90 years from the day of launching. This is one of the world’s largest four-masted barks, at first it was used as a training ship for freight transport on long routes. After the Second world war as part of reparations sailboat became the property of the USSR and was named after the Russian Explorer Admiral Ivan Krusenstern, and in 1991 was transferred to the BHA in Kaliningrad, belonging to Rosrybolovstvo.