«Nuclear hammer of justice» foreign Minister: North Korea has threatened Trump

© REUTERS / Eduardo MunozГлава foreign Minister of the DPRK ri Yong Ho during a speech at the UN General Assembly, 23 September 2017«Nuclear hammer of justice» foreign Minister: North Korea has threatened Trump© REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz

Foreign Minister of the DPRK ri Yong Ho during a speech at the UN General Assembly threatened the United States «nuclear hammer of justice», and said that the offensive statements of the American leader Donald trump will not remain without consequences.

According to the Minister, the only working part of the philosophy at the moment is the need to meet force with force. «On nuclear weapons tyrants are nuclear hammer of justice», he concluded.

The Minister assured that Pyongyang will not threaten the nuclear weapon States that are not associated with U.S. actions against North Korea.

«Trump may not know that says»

As noted by Lee Yong-Ho, trump will answer for his remarks about North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. «Trump may not know what his mouth says, but we’ll give him his consequences, beyond him, beyond what he can cope», — he said.

Earlier, the trump at the UN called the North Korean leader «man-rocket». According to Lee Yong-Ho, the statement of the American President was motivated by «the lack of basic knowledge and common decency» and the tramp «has made a fatal mistake by making the inevitable «visit» our missiles to the mainland territory of the United States.»

«Mentally ill»

Lee Yong-Ho, in his speech called the President of Donald trump’s «mentally ill» with delusions of grandeur, noting that it is dangerous to trust the «nuclear button». This, according to him, is the main danger to the world currently.

The head of the DPRK foreign Ministry also expressed confidence that the U.S. President turned the White house into a «noisy market.» He added that because of the American leader of the UN has become a «nest of gangsters, where money is respected, and bloodshed is commonplace».

The balance of power

The possession of nuclear weapons should North Korea for self-defense. «Our ultimate goal is to create a balance of power with the United States,» said Lee Yong-Ho.

However, he noted that tougher sanctions will not force North Korea to make concessions, despite the fact that the country is «under the most severe sanctions in the world». «The United States imposed sanctions against North Korea from the very first day of its Foundation», he said.

Demonstration of US military power

On Saturday, the us the US strategic bombers B-1B Lancer in support of F-15 fighters flew along the East coast of the DPRK. According to the representative of the Pentagon, Wasington Pyongyang demonstrated its military power.

The bombers took off from GUAM and fighter jets from a military base in Okinawa. American planes flying in international airspace East of North Korea.

The representative of the Pentagon Dana white said that they flew much further North of the demilitarized zone than ever before in this century. According to him, this underscores the seriousness with which Washington refers to the last «reckless» steps Pyongyang.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump with the UN threatened to «completely destroy» North Korea. Kim Jong UN responded with a personal statement in which he expressed threats Trump. In August and September, the UN security Council significantly tightened sanctions against North Korea for missile and nuclear programs of Pyongyang, the United States also imposed against the DPRK is unprecedented rigid and unilateral financial sanctions.