The priests-the conservatives have accused the Pope of heresy

© AP Photo / Alessandra TarantinoПапа Roman Francis. Archival photoThe priests-the conservatives have accused the Pope of heresy© AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino

Conservative Catholic theologians and priests accused Pope Francis of spreading «heretical ideas» and sent him a formal letter with «orders.»

In the message published on the website of the initiative States that the Pontiff made a heresy in 2016 in the exhortation called «Amoris laetitia» («Joy of love» — lat.) about the family and its place in the modern world, as well as in «other words, actions and inaction».

Publish Amoris laetitia», and several other actions with which Your Holiness clearly outlined the scope and purpose of this document brought the Church and the whole world scandal involving faith and morals. Consequently, heresy and other errors spread within the Church. And while some bishops and cardinals continued to defend the revealed truth about marriage, the moral law and the sacraments, others denied the truth and received from Your Holiness not a reproach, and a favor», — stated in the message.

The treatment is called «Correctio filialis» (FILIAL orders) and consists of three parts. First, the authors explain why they have the right to send to the Pope, «mandates». The second part of the message contains the actual «orders» to the Pope. The third part analyzes the reasons for the unique «theological crisis.»

Message 25 pages was 40 priests in July, Francis received it in August. However, the response of the Pope to the appeal of the clergy followed. That is why the authors of the letter decided to publish a document and even set up a special website. The signature under the appeal is still open, to date, the appeal was signed by 62 members of the clergy from 20 countries.