Your brother is deaf? Or people living in silence

A gesture favoriteYour brother is deaf? Or people living in silence

When people find out that you have a deaf relative, they begin to ask a thousand questions beginning with «how?». The answers probably simple: in fact, dull is the same as all. It can work, be entertained, meet friends and to go there where a normal people.

Robert lost his hearing when he was born — as a result of the negligence of doctors. He is now 22 years old, and 20 of them next to him is sister, a RIA Novosti correspondent Anush Dolukhanyan.

About how the world of hearing people — in the material dedicated to the International day of the deaf.

The world does not know evil

As a child I didn’t understand how people can not hear. But then it was easier: children were running and playing, they didn’t need words. When we reached school age, things changed. Robert started to sign, I ceased to understand it. I had to learn the basic gestures, but some of our family members still don’t even know a few moves. By the way, for all of us Robert invented your gesture: for example, one of the sisters curly hair, and he refers to her curls.

Earlier in the subway, Robert believed the station. Now easier: you can just look at scoreboard with the route. It is generally easy to focused on the terrain, can read a map. In public transport people are not particularly sociable, so even when asked to move, they often show it with gestures.

Salespeople in stores

When Robert is in other countries, there is understood by more people. In most secondary schools in Europe, children learn basic gestures. In Russia sign language to know less people, but it’s not a problem. In fact, many languages, by number of countries. But there is international sign language, is universal.

After school options are few. Work have to look very long, even if the person is competent and understanding. Many friends of Robert work as a cashiers, salesmen, employees of warehouses. Someone was more lucky and managed to enter higher educational institution. After the deaf can become chefs, carpenters, auto mechanics, landscapers, dental technicians and artists-restorers.

Robert works part-time at a modeling Agency: it is slim and attractive. He likes to pose for shots, he rally understands the photographer can stand in the pose as long as necessary. However, while major proposals have been received, many refuse to work with the deaf.

About entertainment

In fact, deafness is not so incomplete life. Robert used to love to go with friends to the club, «hanging out» as he says. He explains that on the dance floor feel the sound waves rattling speakers, and the music is not important to him. An important rhythm that you want to catch.

© RIA Novosti / Anush DoluhanovaYour brother is deaf? Or people living in silence© RIA Novosti / Anush Doluhanova

It’s funny that in night clubs to Robert often hears girls that want to meet you. Many don’t realize that he’s deaf and take him for a foreigner. I invite you to dance together continue to walk in other places. Some called to him. They realize that he not only hears some time later, but he manages to charm them, and communication continues outside of the club.

Like all Robert goes to the movies. Now almost all theaters have movies with subtitles. But favorite genre is horror. Growing up, I realized that in these movies few words, all written on the faces of the characters. Horror clear even without sound.

Of course, now there is a sign language concerts, in theaters there are special performances, but the deaf are more like going to the ballet, at least the brother’s friends.

© RIA Novosti / Anush Doluhanova communicates with his friends through instant messengersYour brother is deaf? Or people living in silence© RIA Novosti / Anush Doluhanova communicates with his friends through instant messengers

Among themselves they communicate closely with them. They have groups, they tend to gather in the city center and walk. Just to walk, to talk, to meet. They used to use only Skype and oovoo, but now basically all communication happens in WhatsApp and using messages in instant messengers.

The attitude to deafness

Before Robert one ear wore a hearing aid, but now does not wear it at all. Says he hears something, but the words too fast and he still does not understand, and unaccustomed to the noise of presses and my head starts to hurt. Just imagine that you ever turned off all sounds, and then abruptly you begin to hear every rustle, a knock heel, creaking floorboards — it’s unbearable.

© RIA Novosti / Anoush Dalwhinnie, meaning «soul»Your brother is deaf? Or people living in silence© RIA Novosti / Anoush Dalwhinnie, meaning «soul»

In childhood he could do a complicated operation. But the results, both positive and negative, nobody could have predicted. Robert says after so many years he doesn’t even know whether he needs a hearing. After all, he lives a full life.

Relatives believe that he has a happy future ahead. Once Robert told me: «I can’t hear, but feel more.» It is really so.