Co-owner of Binbank plans to complete banking business

© RIA Novosti / Valery Legitimerade in fotosensibil Shishkhanov. Archival photoCo-owner of Binbank plans to complete banking business© RIA Novosti / Valery Legitimerade the image Bank

Co-owner of Binbank Mikhail Shishkhanov may leave a minority stake in the Bank after the reorganization, plans to complete banking activities, is considering a transition into the industry.

Central Bank last week adopted a decision on reorganization of the Bank through the Fund’s consolidation of the banking sector (VCBS). This is the second case of rehabilitation through a new mechanism — the first in late August became the «FC Opening». The Central Bank then announced that it would invest in Bank funds PCBS and become its main shareholder.

«And then I’ll just finish with the Bank’s activity», — said he in an interview to the newspaper «Vedomosti». «Forever. I’m 25 years, I had a dream. A little bit me not enough to build the kind of organization that could be built by putting existing on the right track. If you save what you have, it will be a strong organization,» he added.

«In a year or two or three — as required — I’m going to do everything like tell the Bank that I have not had issues. And then find yourself in some other business. Maybe in the industry. Or will be by the Bank under the new owners of industrial assets to do it» — said Shishkhanov.

To the question if it is possible to buy the Bank back after the reorganization, he stated that he would not buy. «This is will be a new story, new people,» he said, adding that may leave a minority stake in the Bank. «If you stay, I these 25% is not exactly deserved. Deserve the minority shareholder, who a year ago gave a lot of money in capital. I’m talking about Gutseriev now say — let him remain,» he added.

Co-owner of Binbank plans to complete banking businessReviews of licenses of banks of Russia