Experts: increase penalties for nepropusk pedestrian may cause more accidents

© Fotolia / GenaМужчина at the crosswalk. Archival photoExperts: increase penalties for nepropusk pedestrian may cause more accidents© Fotolia / Gena

Increasing the penalty for nepropusk pedestrians can cause even more accidents with their participation, it is necessary to increase the fines for traffic violations and for them; at the same time to reduce the number of accidents will help the requirement for drivers to carry a reflective vest, believe polled by RIA Novosti auto.

Earlier, the state Duma adopted in the second reading a bill increasing fines for nepropusk drivers pedestrians up to 2.5 thousand rubles. According to the parliamentarians, the current penalties are ineffective, the number of offenders is increasing. Also in Russia for the first time can be introduced mandatory requirements for uniform drivers. Under the new rules of the road (SDA) project, which is prepared by Inspectorate, emergency stop or after an accident the drivers out of the car, will have to wear a jacket or vest with reflective elements.

Look at the smartphone and not on the road

State Duma Deputy, Chairman of the coordinating Council of the interregional public organization of motorists «Freedom of choice» Vyacheslav Lysakov told RIA Novosti that the increased fines, possible, and the need for «more discipline drivers,» however, such a measure could lead to an increase in accidents involving pedestrians.

«After we raised the penalty in 2013 for drivers, pedestrians began to behave very careless and careless at crossings. They also should not violate traffic rules, which state that a pedestrian, before making crossing the road even at a Zebra crossing, should ensure the safety of this maneuver because there may be a car that has a braking distance of a few tens of meters, even if it moves with the permitted speed. A car is not a horse, it cannot be stopped instantly, so the pedestrian will inevitably fall under the wheels,» — said Lysakov.

According to the observations of experts, and today, many pedestrians crossing uncontrolled pedestrian crossing («Zebra») not looking around.

«Youth in the headphones crossing the road, many holding smartphones, poking around in them, write SMS, view photos. It is extremely dangerous. Therefore, the current increase of fines concerns me. It can play a psychologically provocative role, and pedestrians, which, of course, already heard that the fine for drivers increases, they behave more carelessly than now. And it can end just the tragedies, the increase in the number of victims on the «Zebra», — said the Deputy.

According to Lysakova, in the short term need to discuss «raising the fines for pedestrians, because they, too, must be disciplined».

«The driver is always using the camera will be punished, and the pedestrian be punished with the camera impossible, it has no license plate, so naturally, many pedestrians avoid punishment. But psychologically affect pedestrians, so they know that their penalty is 500 rubles, it is possible», — said the Agency interlocutor.

In his opinion, some fines, reduce accidents not achieved: the approach to the problem must be comprehensive and include the placement of social advertising on television in Prime time, and the activation of the «education of all road users».

Penalties should be symmetrical

In turn, the head of the public movement «Federation of automobile owners of Russia» Sergey Kanaev believes that the main problem is not that drivers do not pass pedestrians, who walk on the Zebra crossing and that pedestrians themselves cross the road in wrong places, thereby provoking an emergency.

«I see that drivers are not only in Moscow but in the regions as pedestrians give way, so here the number of violations can only grow due to the fact that there is a plan of the unit… the Fact that accidents happen — it is the fault of both drivers, and it’s the fault of the pedestrians,» said channel.

According to him, if for drivers the amount of the fine will be raised, and for pedestrians crossing the road in the wrong place, you need to increase the fine up to the same amount.

«If the fine is for the driver 2.5 thousand rubles — then promote and pedestrians. These are not my words — this is the conclusion of the French Association, which was signed together French, British and Germans. Under this agreement, the penalty should be the same for pedestrians, and for motorists,» explained channel.

According to him, in European countries like France, much more carefully watching whether pedestrians cross the road in wrong places.

Reflective vest-reasonable demand

Lysakov considers proper to require that motorists emergency stop or after an accident, leaving the car in the dark, wearing a jacket or vest with reflective elements.

«It needed a long time to do this for a long time it was said. You need to simply match the kit, for example, in addition to everything else, and a light vest. Because if the car suddenly stalled, broke down, the driver need to change a tire, look engine, he should be out in the dark in a reflective vest. There are many cases where down the driver who is engaged in repair and went out on the road: just can’t see it,» — said Lysakov.

According to the expert, such a requirement needs to be applied to passengers that emergency stop in the dark on a busy highway out of the car.

As noted in the turn channel, the requirement that drivers have in the car reflective vest long existed abroad.

«This international experience, it is almost the same as the availability of first aid kit and fire extinguisher. The vest is a good idea,» said auto expert.