False «Matilda» really «Viking»: the ROC compared the two domestic film

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty fotobanka in the film by Alexei Uchitel MatildaFalse «Matilda» really «Viking»: the ROC compared the two domestic film© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

The Chairman of the Patriarchal Council for culture, Bishop mark Tikhon explained why the film «the Viking» of the Holy Prince Vladimir, unlike «Matilda», has caused indignation of Orthodox believers.

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church says that the main character is a Viking Grand Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich is shown in the film during the period of his life before the adoption of Christianity as the wild monster: he kills his own brother Yaropolk, raped in front of parents of Polotsk Princess Rogneda, and then kills her father, builds pagan temples and idols brings casualties. And «innocent», it would seem that the story about his youthful novel, heir to the Russian throne and dancers of the Imperial theatres responded in the society and 100-thousand petitions with the requirements of the ban of the film, and demonstrations, and lawsuits.

«In the case of «Viking» the filmmakers presented on the screen may be very bitter, but the truth of history. About this ugly truth, we narrate the ancient Chronicles and hagiographies. They convey to posterity a truly terrifying image of Prince Vladimir before his baptism and only then to talk about his amazing transformation from a pagan monster in fact merciful, wise and powerful of Vladimir the Red Sun, which for over 1000 years so respects and loves our people. In the case of «Matilda», unfortunately, everything is different. The story and screenplay of the film is built on a lie», — quotes the words of Bishop Tikhon, the press service of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media.

Chairman of the Patriarchal Council for culture explained that the 18-year-old Mathilde Kschessinska heir that old was 22 years old, actually met when Princess Alice (the future Empress Alexandra Feodorovna), he refused because did not want to move from Protestantism to Orthodoxy. Besides the father, Alexander III, firmly opposed the choice of his son: the Emperor had different views on the marriage of the heir. The relationship of Nicholas II and Mathilde ended as soon as the Princess Alice finally agreed to become his wife, and his consent to the marriage was given by Alexander III.

Nicholas also felt it my duty to tell the bride about Matilda. «That’s what Alix wrote to her fiance after these difficult confession: «I love you even more since you told me the story. Your trust touches me so deeply… will I be worthy?» — gives the historical evidence of Bishop Tikhon.

«We’re not going to demand a ban of the film, honoring this dead-end path. But reserve the right to deny the truth and to convey to those who want to hear a credible story about this period in the life of the Holy Martyr Tsar Nicholas. Also the absolute position of the Russian Orthodox Church is repeatedly expressed strong condemnation of all extremist actions, drawn to the discussion about this film,» concluded the Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.