FAS will watch the movie «It» to respond to claims Burger King clown

© New Line Cinema (2017)a shot of the film It isFAS will watch the movie «It» to respond to claims Burger King clown© New Line Cinema (2017)

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Russia must first watch the movie «It» and analyze the arguments of Burger King to give his answer on the complaint of a network of fast food restaurants, told reporters Deputy head of the FAS Andrey Kashevarov.

Last Friday Burger King in Russia appealed to the FAS with a complaint about unfair competition and violation of the advertising legislation of the Russian Federation. According to the company, «the main character of the movie «It» the clown «Pennywise» is an exact copy, including the color scheme of the suit and the balls with which he lures children, the ultimate symbol of McDonald’s. In a press-service FAS, RIA Novosti reported that the service received a complaint Burger King with a request to check for violations of the law, to recognize the associative is illegal and prohibit the screening of the film «It» throughout the country.

«It (the complaint) was a freshman, we studied. We do not interfere in the content of the film, because the screenplay, the Director has his own artistic perception of an image, interpretation. We are guided by that issued a certificate for distribution, so the film can be shown in the respective theaters,» said Cook.

«With regard to the presence or absence of product placement (from the English. product placement and hidden advertising — ed.) — if it’s blended in accordance with the provisions of the law, then it is not no is. But before giving a final answer, we need a movie to watch, and arguments to analyze,» he added.

The film Andres, Mosketti already ekranizirovana the book Stephen king talks about the seven teenagers who live in the town of Derry, Maine, and call themselves «losers ‘ Club». Each of them due to various reasons has become a pariah, a target for the local plant, and each of them literally saw the embodiment of their worst nightmares. Those made alive by changing the appearance of an ancient predator, whom they call It. Monster for many years, believes Derry their hunting grounds, every 27 years creeping out from the sewers to feed off the fears of the selected victims — children.