In Chechnya fell into the abyss the man survived, clinging to a branch

© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral in photolanguage lake kezenoi Am in Vedenskiey district of the Chechen Republic. Archival photoIn Chechnya fell into the abyss the man survived, clinging to a branch© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral the image Bank

In the mountains of Chechnya have saved the man fell into a 300-foot chasm, reported in the regional emergencies Ministry.

Three residents of the mountain village of Sharo-Argun collected forest nuts when one of them came close to the edge, slipped and fell down.

«It rolled down the slope about 150 meters and was able to cling to a tree. Then a 150-metre steep slope, alternating with cliffs and sand road. Rescuers and firefighters went down the slope to the victim with the help of climbing equipment. Assessing the victim’s condition, they decided to pull it down the slope towards the road on a special stretcher», — stated in the message. The man was hospitalized.

In the Chechen mountains, there are cases when inexperienced tourists or the locals inadvertently falls into the pit. Because of this, mountain roads are mobile posts of rescuers.

So, last summer, in the Shatoi district tourist fell into a 70-metre cliff when I was doing a selfie on the edge. He was able to save, because the man did not reach to the bottom, caught on 30-meter depth over a large stone.

In may last year in the same area near the village of Nikhaloi off a cliff into a mountain stream fell 54-year-old Vice-President of Federation of wrestling of Russia Adlan Varaev. Mountain river carried away the body of the deceased, rescue workers searched for him a month and a half and found 25 kilometers away from the alleged crash site.