In Krasnoyarsk the deceived shareholders have asked Putin for help

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In Krasnoyarsk the deceived shareholders, who on Wednesday staged a protest in front of the Governor’s administration, recorded a video message to President Vladimir Putin asking for assistance, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the regional public organization of investors Eugene Shikhovtsev.

On Wednesday, a group of defrauded investors put up two tents on the lawn of the square of the Revolution in Krasnoyarsk opposite the main entrance to the building of the Krai government. Now the number of tents increased to nine. Protesters shareholders want to draw the authorities ‘ attention to their problem and to attract the attention of Federal agencies. According to them, objective information about the situation in the region is not coming to Moscow. Real estate investors are on duty in tents in shifts. The initiative group said that in Krasnoyarsk and its suburbs there are about three thousand defrauded real estate investors, and together with family members — more than 10 thousand people. Thursday afternoon real estate investors said they would stand at least a week — 28 September scheduled meeting of the relevant Committee in the Krasnoyarsk legislative Assembly.

«We wrote an appeal to Putin. The main requirement – to assist in the completion of our homes. The appeal will be sent through official channels to the administration of the President, the state Duma, law enforcement agencies,» said Shehovzev.

According to him, in connection with the coming cold weather real estate investors will be to install an insulated tent or equip prefabricated structures.

According to the press service of the regional government, on Thursday morning, representatives of Executive and legislative authorities of the region have met with real estate investors. Members of the city Council of Krasnoyarsk has proposed to adopt a bill that can help with the support problem buildings. However, representatives of the shareholders and of the legislative Assembly expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the proposed project. At the meeting it was decided to study the issue in more detail — 28 September in the legislative Assembly will be held the next meeting where the document will be made of the proposal of the regional departments, MPs and shareholders.