In Poland began the active phase of major military exercises

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli fotomasterskie in the military. Archival photoIn Poland began the active phase of major military exercises© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

The active phase of the largest military exercises Dragon-2017 starts Monday in Poland, in the exercise, which runs until 29 September, will involve all branches of the armed forces, the planned testing of the interaction of ground forces with the Navy and aviation.

For the first time in the maneuvers will take part a new kind of troops — Troops of territorial defense.

As told journalists the Deputy Minister of national defense Michal dworczyk, the Troops of the territorial defence will be «to defend the territory of the runways and act as divisions that support the actions of the troops». He said that, according to the exercise scenario, a neighbouring state claims the right of access to natural resources on the territory of Poland and is trying to «destabilize the political situation» and «to seize disputed territory».

According to the plan of doctrines, in the end, a hostile neighboring country decided on an armed conflict with Poland, using the methods of hybrid war. Warsaw in this case, enlists the help of his allies.

Among other things, the exercise planned development of the defence of the coast, overcoming water obstacles, landing. According to the Polish defense Ministry, the exercise will involve 17 thousand soldiers and 3.5 thousand vehicles.

In addition to the Polish military, the exercise will be attended by Poland’s allies in NATO soldiers from the United States, Lithuania, Latvia, UK, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Ukraine.

Earlier, the Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz emphasized that the teachings of the Dragon-2017 will be held almost simultaneously with the Russian-Belarusian maneuvers «West-2017», which was of concern to Warsaw.

Strategic exercises «West-2017» was held on 14-20 September on the territory of Belarus, as well as on three sites of Russia. Participated in them 12.7 thousand military personnel. At the same time on the territory of Belarus were involved in 10.2 thousand people (from Belarus — about 7 thousand, from Russia — about 3 thousand).

A number of NATO countries have expressed concern because of the exercise. As stated, the Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on concerns about transparency of the exercise, the total number of personnel and equipment will not exceed the level required observation of certain military activities, established by the Vienna document 2011 of the OSCE («On measures of strengthening trust and security»). Russia, July 13 at the meeting of the Council NATO-Russia was held for the member countries of the Alliance briefing on upcoming trainings.