In the MAYOR confident of further improving the international ratings of Russia

© AFP 2017 / Emmanuel DunandРейтинговое Moody’s. Archival photoIn the MAYOR confident of further improving the international ratings of Russia© 2017 AFP / Emmanuel Dunand

Higher ratings of the Russian Federation by international agencies inevitably, Moody’s and s&P pauses as they find it difficult to admit their mistakes — the financial markets have long evaluated the country’s rating is higher than that of the Agency, said the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin.

«Here is the story: the financial markets have long appreciated Russia’s credit rating is much better than what you write rating agencies. Fitch literally on Friday raised the Outlook on Russia’s rating. And so they have the Russian rating is investment grade, they were not reduced even in the crisis period,» he said. at the conference in the corporate University of Sberbank.

«Other agencies of pauses, but this is largely due to psychological factors: they are very aggressive, was negatively tuned towards Russia especially in the first half of 2015, their predictions were largely even catastrophic for some agencies. Therefore, it is now difficult for them to admit that they were wrong, that the situation went much better, so they can withstand some pause,» — said the Minister.

«But considering the achievements that we have in macroeconomic policy, the recovery of economic growth, an upgrade is inevitable and they are looking for the moment when it can be done for their own reputation the least painful,» he said.