In the state Duma called challenges, which will bring the development of artificial intelligence

© Fotolia / Mopic Artificial intelligence. Archival photoIn the state Duma called challenges, which will bring the development of artificial intelligence© Fotolia / Mopic

The head of the Duma Committee on information policy Leonid Levin identified a number of challenges, which entail the development of artificial intelligence, among them rising unemployment and the possibility of using artificial intelligence for illegal purposes.

«In addition to the advantages of artificial intelligence brings with it challenges, primarily economic. For our country, in my opinion, the main problem is the displacement of living labour by artificial intelligence due to robotics,» said Levin at the enlarged meeting of the Council for legislative support of the development of the digital economy under the Chairman of the state Duma.

The Deputy noted that this applies to banking, accounting, legal services, technology, and more.

«Thus, in the near future we may face rising unemployment. For example, in Russia only guards there are more than half a million people. Sooner or later, to replace them with automated systems and on the labour market will spill two percent of the working population of the country. Therefore, how to employ that portion of the population that will lose their jobs in consequence of the development of new digital technologies, you need to think now,» — said the MP.

Russia as the center of gravity of the developers

Levin believes that an equally important challenge is the use of artificial intelligence for illegal purposes.

«Any technology in addition to public use can bring harm. Self-learning machines will be a force that seemed to be impenetrable passwords and system security», — he said.

To combat these phenomena it is necessary to create such legislation, which allowed not only to ensure the safety and rights of citizens, but also to create the necessary conditions for Russia to become a hub for technology developers in the field of artificial intelligence, the Deputy said.

The benefits for the country

In the beginning of his speech, Levin drew attention to the fact that currently artificial intelligence is proving its value for the Russian Federation.

«Shortages of medical personnel artificial intelligence, in the words of Vladimir Putin, may be a major mechanism of saving people, it can help to structure the available medical data and the means of identifying patterns to guide doctors in making decisions,» — said the MP.

He noted, citing the opinion of military experts that artificial intelligence can change and military Affairs as much as in his time changed him nuclear weapons. According to Levin, artificial intelligence, robotics is being promoted in agriculture. He stressed that artificial intelligence will alter the habitual way in all industries.