Nine residents of Omsk will go on trial for fraud with matkapital

© Fotolia / Ocskay Macmame with the child. Archival photoNine residents of Omsk will go on trial for fraud with matkapital© Fotolia / Ocskay Mark

Organized a group of nine people in Omsk, will stand trial on charges of fraud with the parent capital, resulting in damages to 26 million rubles, said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

«Investigative management of UMVD of Russia across the Omsk region completed the investigation of the criminal case against nine residents of Omsk accused of fraud committed in an organized group, while receiving social benefits by presenting false information,» she said.

According to Wolf, the investigation established that the Director of a consumer cooperative jointly with friends – three women and five men – have carried out 59 unlawful withdrawal transactions and theft of means of matkapital.

According to the interior Ministry, the attackers issued bogus contracts microlending for the construction of houses on a supposedly previously purchased land in the Omsk district. These treaties were intended for women who are in the online ad appealed to the suspect for help in implementation of means of matkapital. At the same time give money to women in full would not be planned.

Wolf said that based on the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation forged documents at the expense of the co-operative receives the money. While the female client received a small part of mercapital and the rest partners distributed among themselves. Damages exceeded 26 million rubles.

The property of the accused seized a total amount of about 19 million rubles — three cars of foreign manufacture, apartment, house area of 200 square meters, land and cash. The case was referred to the court, the defendants could face up to 10 years in prison, said the interior Ministry.