That two men fired at the Windows of a house

© Fotolia / Maksym DykhaМужчина with a gun. archival photoThat two men fired at the Windows of a house© Fotolia / Maksym Dykha

Two suspects in the attempted murder of a family of four in the Tver region, on the house which was made 60 shots, arrested and taken into custody, informs on Monday investigatory management SK the Russian Federation in the region.

Information that unknown fired at the Windows of a house located in the village of Maksatikha Tver region, was admitted to the law enforcement authorities on September 20. In fact the incident a criminal case under article «attempt at murder of two and more persons, as well as a minor».

«On suspicion of committing a crime detained two men in 1955 and 1968 year of birth. Currently, at the request of the investigator by the court against defendants in a criminal case the measure of restraint in form of detention», — is spoken in the message.

According to investigators, at night of September 20 one of the suspects along with a partner, going through the unlocked door to the fenced territory of the house, began to shoot at the Windows of the rooms from a rifle. In the house, according to the SC, there was a family of four, including a young child.

The investigation says the suspect «for the purpose of murder from mercenary promptings… fired at least 60 shots», but none were in the house were not injured.

«Made inspection of the scene, searched, questioned victims and witnesses, appointed a number of forensic examinations, including molecular-genetic, ballistic, trajectory», — informs the Department of the RF IC in the region. Set all the circumstances of the incident, and is also involved in the crime.