The company «Ikar» is ready to increase the number of flights Blagoveschensk-Moscow

CC BY 2.0 / Dos Papas /Самолет the airline VIM-Avia. Archival photoThe company «Ikar» is ready to increase the number of flights Blagoveschensk-MoscowCC BY 2.0 / Dos Papas /

Company Ikar prepared from 6 October to increase the number of flights on the route Blagoveshchensk-Moscow, if the situation with the «VIM-Avia» will not change, told reporters at a briefing on Monday, the head of the Ministry of transport of the Amur region Andrey Tax.

As reported, on Friday to delay the flight «VIM-Avia» in «Moscow-Blagoveshchensk-Moscow» has made more than 19 o’clock, on Monday, the Governor of the Amur region Alexander Kozlov will meet with the leadership of the Federal air transport Agency to discuss the situation.

«The first problem with the airline «VIM-Avia» emerged in early summer, then the situation stabilized. From September 22 began again delays. Now the question is settled, but there is no certainty that the airline will be able to meet its obligations… We held talks with the leadership of the airline «Icarus». We have offered to increase their flights to six times a week. CEO Peter Solovyov assured that if «VIM-Avia» will not solve their problems, October 6, «Icarus» will fill these gaps in the schedule,» said Tax reporters, adding that negotiations are currently underway with the «Ural airlines»

One more actual problem of the Amur region — the reconstruction of the runway (runway) of the airport of Blagoveshchensk, which will take the aircraft «Aeroflot».

«Not many airlines have in its fleet of long-haul airplanes, we would not like to see in the Moscow area was one carrier, the reconstruction of runway planned for the beginning of 2019, in fact, is the construction of new lanes needed 4 billion, two years ago, also could start financing»,- told reporters the General Director of the Blagoveshchensk airport Valery Shlegel.

According to him, technical problems at the beginning of the reconstruction of the runway there, the construction site is ready.

«Construction can begin tomorrow, the project documentation is ready,» said Schlegel.