The EU will take another 10 thousand refugees from Italy and Greece

© AFP 2017 / Giovanni IsolinoМигранты in a portrait of Catania, Sicily, Italy. Archival photoThe EU will take another 10 thousand refugees from Italy and Greece© AFP 2017 / Giovanni Isolino

The European Commission expects that the member countries of the European Union will take another 10 of thousands of refugees trapped in Greece and Italy, on the program of resettlement arrivals until 26 September 2017 refugees, said the representative of the EC Tove Ernst.

In September 2015 the interior Minister of the EU by a majority of voters decided within two years to settle in 23 of the 28 countries of the community, in addition to the previously agreed 40 thousand asylum-seekers, another 120 thousand refugees in the territory of the European Union, mainly in Greece and Italy. Commenting on the situation in a briefing on Monday, Ernst said that the program was originally intended to resettle in EU countries 98 thousand in need of international protection refugees who came to the territory of Greece and Italy until 26 September 2017.

«It is important that member countries continued to comply with its duties and obligations under the scheme of transfer and take all those covered under the program and are currently in Greece and Italy (refugee), soon after September 26, as the program applies to all subject (refugees) who arrived in Greece and Italy until September 26,» said Ernst.

She noted that «Greece and Italy in the framework of the program has already moved more than 29 thousand people.

«At this stage, and these values may vary, we believe that Greece and Italy need to move about 10 thousand people», — said the representative of the EC.

According to her, by the end of the program, the number of refugees falling under it, was much lower than expected, due to migration agreement with Turkey and the fact that the majority of those arriving in Italy migrants are in principle not meet the conditions for granting asylum.